Insights into the Australian Mind – Telling quotes from everyday Aussies!



Insights into the Australian Mind – Telling Quotes from Everyday Aussies is a satirical exploration of the collective psyche of Australians, drawing on fictional quotes from fictional telephone conversations with five thousand fictional individuals across all states and territories. Conducted by the fictional Australian Institute for the Collective Remnants of a Society Founded as a Penal Colony (AICRSFPC). The AICRSFPC was set up before Australia recognised Aboriginals as the founders of Australia some 65,000 years prior. Sorry! The fictional study aimed to examine the enduring impact of Australia’s colonial convict past on its people.

As a work of satire, the book playfully skewers certain types and groups for comedic effect, including speedboat owners, bogans, Christians, bikies, and many more. The author acknowledges the potential for triggering content and hopes that, beyond providing entertainment, the book may shed light on any maladaptive aspects of the culture. Ultimately, the author extends an apology to those who may feel singled out or slighted and encourages readers to embrace their individuality.



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★★★★ Loved it! 😍 My favourite book of the year! Simple, forthright, irreligious, crazy, and I loved the lot!

This book is full of quotes from a range of different people all over Australia, revealing the secret side of human nature in a wonderfully humorous and crazy way. And although the book is fictional, it is easy to imagine some people do think these things!

From your manipulative therapists, tired parents, those who are depressed, and everything else in between, no matter where you come from, I believe you will still find this book a refreshing read.

I was only on the first page, and I was already laughing and nodding my head. The ‘quotes’ are followed by a short description of the person who said it, adding to the hilarity of it all.

The author hits the nail on the head while using only a few sentences to provide insights into the kind of person that said it, slowly revealing the psyche of humanity – from laughter to cringe, shock, surprise, and pity.

In the first few pages, I could not help but laugh, perhaps at times inappropriately. A well-written satire that covers all sorts of people, and the author does a great job of displaying unique characteristics in just a few sentences.

Perhaps one of the funniest things about this book is that everyone can relate to the narrative in some way.

And then there are the different Australian territories. Once again, the author does a realistic job of illustrating where they live or come from by the way they talk, how they think and react – and just how crazy humans really are!

Considering the theme of the book, there is a bit of swearing, nothing over-the-top, but once again even that subtle aspect illustrates the kind of person talking.

Admittedly, it does read like a comedian’s script. You have the lead-up, then the punch-line every time. However, the innovativeness of each quote combines realism with a certain amount of full-on satire!

It is just the kind of read that if you want to laugh, get lost in the absurdity of human psychology, and get some good sayings you might not have heard before.

If you analyze the significance of what is being said, it reflects a lot about what is happening in society.

Although it may appear satirical, under the surface, it holds some surprising revelations about where society is heading.

Review by Author, Sharlene Almond.



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