Chimera Books

The aim of Chimera Books is to promote Authors who want to be seen and read but don’t have the backing of large publishing houses.

Chimera Books is the brainchild of Independent author Ricky Browne, and the brand he uses to label his books. The aims of the brand are to promote Authors including himself, who want to be seen and read.

Ricky is free for consultation for current and future independent and self-published authors who might need advice about publishing and marketing their book/s. 



Chimera Books hopes to undertake projects that fit the Chimera Books ethos. Get in touch if you have any ideas for future projects or wish to do a collaboration on a project email:

An in the works catalogue of NSW self-published and independent authors

Getting noticed can be difficult for a self-published author and the goal is always for our precious works to be read. NSWAU provides a catalogue of books by independent and self-published authors in NSW.

If you fit that category please email:

Dubbo Observer – Satirical Dubbo News Project

Dubbo Observer is a faux news website and Twitter account designed to promote Ricky’s and other’s satirical works, if you wish to write something for the website or have a book that is satirical or humourous in nature you want added to the site, please contact:

Ratio Per Fidem – Ego Scitis Nihil
I Reason in Faith – For I Know Nothing!

I reason in faith, for I know nothing. Meaning all beliefs are an act of faith, even those grounded in testable fact. All knowledge to be believed is an act of faith because there are limits to our reason and knowledge. We can know how, but we cannot know why with any true certainty.

About the mottoThe chicken fish – Chimera Books represents the emergence of two realms of thought fused together i.e. Science, Reason, & Evolution (Represented by the chicken – what has come from dinosaurs) and Faith, Belief, & What is unseen (Represented by the fish – Religious symbology). It is also the emergence of two ways of expression: humour and honest, direct dialogue.