Ratio Per Fidem – Ego Scitis Nihil
I Reason in Faith – For I Know Nothing!

Motto – I reason in faith, for I know nothing.

Meaning – All beliefs are an act of faith, even those grounded in testable fact. All knowledge to be believed is an act of faith because there are limits to our reason and knowledge. We can know how, but we cannot know why with any true certainty.

SymbologyThe chicken fish – Chimera Books represents the emergence of two realms of thought fused together i.e. scientific reasoning and evolutionary psychology (represented by the chicken – what has come from dinosaurs) and faith, belief, and what is unseen (represented by the fish – religious symbology). 

Plain Simple Truth & Satirical Humour – The dichotomy of Chimera Books is most starkly represented by the two forms of writing which encapsulate the Chimera ethos. One plain informational language designed to optimise human development, and the other is humour, in which our folly is taken to the extreme to expose the absurdity of modern, religious, and tribal thinking.

 Best Medicine Books

Chimera’s satirical collection of works by Ricky Browne are grouped under the Best Medicine brand and are designed to not only make people laugh but also to think. Most of them anyway!