Val Clark: Lost: A N’Arth Chronicle

Fifteen year old Shannon Mackay, kidnapped and transported from Earth to the dying world of N’arth, has only one way back-save N’arth. Will she survive assassination attempts, betrayals and slavery and fulfil her quest? Armed with her wits, determination, courage, a sword, and eventually a few friends, she embarks on a perilous journey.



In Lost, Clark has created a cast of wonderful and rich characters that the reader can’t help but ride with on an enticing tale of adventure and growing intrigue. And if that wasn’t enough, seeing a fantasy medieval society through the eyes of a 21st century teenage girl from Australia is worth the price of admission alone.

Richard L. Lagarto
Author & Game Narrative Designer

About the Author

Val Clark is an award-winning story teller and visual artist. She’s addicted to reading, particularly YA, and writes across genres and ages. She loves teaching creative writing, chatting with fellow writers, and helping them achieve their dreams. She holds teaching qualifications in Fine Arts, a Masters in Creative writing, and is a self-confessed writing workshop junkie. She lives in rural NSW and, next to writing, she loves to travel.


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