Ricky Browne: Insights into the Australian Mind – Telling quotes from everyday Aussies!


“Insights into the Australian Mind – Telling Quotes from Everyday Aussies” is a satirical exploration of the collective psyche of Australians, drawing on fictional quotes from fictional telephone conversations with five thousand fictional individuals across all states and territories. Conducted by the fictional Australian Institute for the Collective Remnants of a Society Founded as a Penal Colony (AICRSFPC), the fictional study aimed to examine the enduring impact of Australia’s colonial convict past on its people.

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As a work of satire, the book playfully skewers certain types and groups, including speedboat owners, bogans, Christians, motorbike riders, and most other sections of Australian society for comedic effect. The author acknowledges the potential for triggering content and hopes that, beyond providing entertainment, the book may shed light on any maladaptive aspects of the culture. Ultimately, the author extends an apology to those who may feel singled out or slighted and encourages readers to embrace their individuality.

Dubbo author Ricky Browne is a writer of satire and self-help and is a practising armchair philosopher. He is also a recovered schizophrenic, ex-drug-user, recovering alcoholic, former reprobate, reformed loudmouth hooligan, rehabilitated know-all and practising buffoon.


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